I was born and raised in a small town of northern Serbia. My young adolescent years were marked by All Star Converse and Levi’s 501, the iconic dress style of the late '80's and early 90’s. Cool kids wore the same clothes all over the world and towards the end of my high school I was getting a bit tired of this global style. Perhaps it was the vintage 1900 Singer sewing machine inherited form my grandma that was ‘eyeing' me from the den the whole summer, perhaps the 105 degrees that made it impossible to go outside and perhaps it was the Levi’s 501 all around, but that hot summer day I took a pair of old jeans, a dress and a skirt and headed to the den. Kneeling on the floor with a pair of scissors in my hand I took each garment apart.  I mixed colors and shuffled fabric pieces and then pinned them with the safety pins to my mannequin, my very excited sister. I spent the next several days challenging myself to understand lines and dots and letter signs on Burda patterns, a stack of which was lined up against the side of our Singer until I found the pattern I liked. Then one week later, after a sleeve too long and a sleeve too short, my gorgeous sleeveless jean and suede dress saw the light of the day. I was so proud of my masterpiece and so in love with the creative process that lead to it. The first ‘masterpiece’ dress led to the second and then the second led to the third. My passion awoke and my clothing design journey begun.

A couple of decades later I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world doing what I love most: designing clothes. This work is creative, exciting and always a little mysterious and that is why I love it so. We start with an idea, a picture or two, and a piece of fabric but we finish with an astonishing garment that perfectly fits your body and style. The process requires a bit of collaboration, patience and time for fitting sessions but it is all worth it in the end. We start off as strangers but we part as friends and you get a little piece of my heart in every garment we create together.

What ever it is that you need: that very special, perfectly fitted, never before worn or seen dream wedding gown to walk down the isle in; a business suite to confidently walk into the office room in and win the negotiation; or a simple summer collection that makes that long awaited trip to the tropical islands even more special - we can make it together.  A clothing piece that accentuates your body but also your style and personality is the piece you will take home with you. It will make you feel special, confident, powerful and beautiful. I give you my heart and dedication and take pride in making your dream gown come true. Thanks for reading and welcome to my website!