Simple styles and relaxed yet body hugging silhouettes are one of our favorites. We love using quality fabrics and bright happy colors to make even simple designs stand out. But most of all we believe that the most important ingredient that makes the clothes we love is the perfect fit. Beauty of our bodies is that they are all different and can't always be put in the same standard size categories. That's why we offer a customized option to make the best out of every piece we make and sell, and to make our clients happy. Our C size stands for Custom - you can find out more by clicking on Additional sizes link showing on each product page.

Couture and Craftsmanship:

Love and passion for making clothes shows in every little stitch and every seam we make. Each garment has been carefully put together in order to look good and last long. Made by order only making one piece at a time we are doing our best to try and stay environmentally conscious and minimize waste.

A piece of our heart and soul stays deeply connected to the old fashion ways of creating clothes. Some of our unique hand embroidered pieces were made using high couture techniques. A tradition that we intend to keep trough our future collections.

Customized oders