AlekSandraD and how it all started

Friends call me Sandra and so can you. I am the lady behind AlekSandraD magic,  creating, designing and sharing my love for well made, stylish clothes.



I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world doing what I love the most: designing clothes. This work is creative, exciting and always a little mysterious. Playing dress up was my favorite game when I was a little girl so I guess that’s how it all started. I discovered love for designing clothes through a game of cutting and re stitching/ putting together old clothes that either didn’t fit or were simply too plain and boring. You can call it a modern upcycling of sorts – giving old clothes a fresh new look. What started as a game turned into a passion and led into a career that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.


After years of creating beautiful, unique outfits for my clients I have decided to launch a line of my own designs. Simple, fun and casual but stylish clothes that can help boost the mood and brighten up your day. Clothes that can make you feel special, confident, powerful and beautiful no matter the occasion. Handmade in slow fashion manner with a lot of attention to quality of fabrics and proper construction in order for garments to last long and can be worn over and over again.

Collection was made during Covid-19 stay at home order and offers some stylish yet comfortable clothes in cozy and easy to care for fabrics. It was mostly created to offer great alternatives to formal work wear and at the same time to turn sweats into what I like to call “casually fancy” outfits that you’d like to wear every day because they are not just comfortable but easy to care for as well. Weather it's casual comfy pants, sweater dress, or stylish winter jacket that you are looking for my winter line offers variety of fun bright colored and well tailored pieces that can be customizable and made to your liking.


I believe that a perfect fit is the most important part of our clothes and I hope to bring the customization into online shopping a bit more fun and personal. Feel free to contact me and we can chat more on how to create a garment that is within the style of my design but made to fit you perfectly. I love sharing my passion for creating well made easy fit clothes and I'd love for you to get a bit of a couture experience throughout your online purchase.

Let's have fun and create some beautiful personalized clothes together.