Bright colored fashion

Bright colored clothes are not just something you wear - they are a statement! And they are very trendy too. Pantone spring/summer palette for 2021 is characterized by colors that reflect hope and optimism.


I've always believed that colors have the power to brighten anyone's day.  And that’s exactly why my first collection has some colorful “work from home" pieces. I felt like we all needed a little boost of positive energy and attitude during long pandemic months spent at home. Wether it’s a casual winter jacket, pair of pants or a dress my intention was to help boost some of that positive attitude required to take on any challenge that comes along.


You can grab anyone’s attention in one of AlekSandraD casually fancy winter pants made out of extra warm sweatshirt fabric in bright yellow, red, orange, turquoise or fun plaid prints.


Red ( a color of passion and love) velvet dress was designed to make modern woman feel feminine, stylish and confident while being comfortable at the same time. It’s a perfect zoom cocktail evening dress.


Yellow is the only color that gives us summer vibes all year long. I hope that my yellow stylish winter sweatpants can give you all the summer vibes you need this winter.


Shades of orange are often associated with joy, creativity, success, happiness and fun. Check out some of our most fun pieces in bright orange: short teddy jacket for everyday, casual coat for cold weather in orange or mustard yellow sweater dress.

No matter what color you like most important thing is to wear the clothes that make you feel you! I hope some of my designs help you achieve exactly that.