How to customize your order

Perfect fit is what makes clothes we love. It's finding that perfect fit that is challenging these days. Trough out my couture design experience I have worked with many clients who would come to me to make something custom, not just because they wanted a piece that is unique but also because they were not able to find a garment that would fit them perfectly. Evening gowns, tailored pants or comfy, cozy clothes can all be personalized and made to order to fit better. It requires a bit of extra work but each piece is made in a slow fashion manner and with a lot of love and attention to details. You don't need the tailor for alteration afterwords. What can be better than that?!

So how do I make it happen and what makes me different than other made to order places. Well, many years of working with different bodies and understanding how important it is to know how certain styles work and which parts of the body are important to fit into those styles. With the right fabrics, design styles and personal measures each piece can be made absolutely with the specific buyer on mind, be that tailored or more relaxed apparel: pants, jumpsuits, dresses, jackets and coats.

Covid-19 brought a totally different perspective on how my custom business operates. I lost all my work due to events being canceled so the time on my hands made me think about different ways of making custom clothes remotely. I also finally had the time to work on  my own designs. So the first AlekSandraD collection was born, but just making and selling it was not enough. I wanted to do more and offer a way to bring the custom experience into online clothing purchases. It is a bit of an experiment but I really hope you love the pieces in my shop and are open and ready to create one of them in your custom size with me.