AlekSandraD is founded and run solely by San Francisco fashion designer Aleksandra Sotelo. After years of experience in designing and creating custom bespoke clothes for her clients she got inspired to launch her own brand with focus on good fit, premium fabrics and finely crafted garments made to last.

In effort to support more responsible approach to shopping all pieces are designed and created in slow fashion manner and made by order only.

Created during Covid19 and stay at home order, AlekSandraD limited winter collection offers some stylish yet comfortable clothes in cozy and easy to care for fabrics. It was mostly created to offer great alternatives to formal work wear and at the same time to turn sweats into what designer likes to call “casually fancy” outfits that you’d like to wear every day, even after you head back to the office. It has “feel good at home” vibe and at the same time offers an option to easily accomplish dressed up look without a lot of effort. Best part is you can style/pair each piece with your favorite sneakers or fancy pair of heels.

With a few special well-tailored and hand embroidered pieces that complement the cozy feel of this collection designer uses her own creative perspective to stay true to her craftsmanship and desire to continue to create some very unique couture pieces.

Brand has zero-waste policy. Fabrics are being carefully selected to feel good on the skin and to work well with timeless designs that can be worn over and over again. Cutting fabric is meticulously planned and executed in such a way to ensure waste is kept to a minimum. Scraps and leftovers are reused for embellishments and small details or donated to local craft shops. Packaging, labels and tags are all made from compostable or recycled materials.

AlekSandraD hopes her buyers will enjoy wearing her garments as much as she enjoys creating them.